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Inspiration to Travel
Inspiration to Travel

I don’t know about you but I love to read other people’s trip reports. I feel like I’m sharing their experiences with them. Moreover, I find lots of inspiration from reading about other people’s trips. You get so much more detail and personal insight when you read about someone’s actual experience rather than just read a list of places to go and things to see.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the travel guide type posts are really useful too and I’ll try to include lots of them on my blog. I also think it’s important to share my personal experiences of places. That way you get to hear the things that didn’t go quite according to plan as well as what went well. I’ve got quite a few recent trips to write up and you’ll find them here as soon as I do them.

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Italy by train

I’ve started with this fabulous tour of Italy. We went all the way from London to Italy and back by train. I’ve always wanted to spend quality time in Florence and I really enjoyed this trip.

Read all about our tour of Italy by train

Road trip to the Balkans

We did this road trip in 2017. We’ve only done a few camping tours but it can be a great way of travelling on a budget. We got to see a lot of different places and really enjoyed exploring this part of southern Europe. As you’ll find out if you read our trip report, things didn’t go totally according to plan with the weather but we still made the most of it. Click on the picture below to read all about it.

Read all about our road trip to the Balkans

Driving Tour of Spain

This is another road trip, this time to Spain. It was another camping trip as well. Really, we don’t only do camping trips. In fact, we rarely do so it’s just a coincidence that two of the first three trips I’ve recorded for this blog have been camping. Anyway, I digress. On this trip, we took the ferry directly to Santander in Spain to get the tour off to an easy start. We drove all over Spain visiting some amazing places. For example, Caceres, Cadiz, Gibraltar. To name just a few. Take a look at the full trip report to read all about it.

Road trip to Spain

India by train

India is somewhere that I’ve always wanted to visit and we finally made it. Since India has such an extensive railway network and travelling by train is really cheap, we decided to travel around the country by train. It had its ups and downs and travelling in India isn’t always easy or straightforward. It is very rewarding though. The culture, the food, the history, the people! India is amazing and an experience like no other.

Read all about our time spent in India in my trip report. If you’re planning a trip yourself or just like reading about travel experiences you’ll find lots of information to give you a good idea of what it’s like to travel in India.

Read all about our trip to India
Click here to read all about our trip to India

Around the World Without Flying

In March 2014 we set off on our bucket list adventure. Ever since I watched Michael Palin’s Around the World in 80 Days, I wanted to try doing this myself. Finally, it was all planned and we found time to go. So off we went on a mission to circumnavigate the globe without a single flight. Now you can read all about it in my trip report. I’ve broken it down into sections to make it easier to read but you’ll find all the links on the introduction page. Just click on the link below and find out how we did it.

Around the world in 75 days without flying
Around the world in 75 days without flying
Click on the image above to go through to my trip report

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