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Relax and enjoy the scenery

Enjoy travelling by train
Enjoy travelling by train

If you are looking for more information on train travel then you are in the right place? Without a doubt, travelling by train is an excellent way of seeing the world. So take a look at these train trips. Above all, you can sit back and relax as you watch the scenery roll by. And, of course, you’ll have far more legroom and comfort than the average aeroplane.

Travelling by train allows you to really appreciate the size of a country whereas air travel makes the world feel so small.

It’s so much fun. As a matter of fact, we try to travel by train as much as we can. Check out the following articles which all feature travel by train. Plus, we’ll be adding lots more articles on train travel very soon.

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Train Trips As We Go Around the World without Flying

The following train journeys are all part of our trip around the world without flying. Here, you’ll find some diverse train trips. When we travelled around the world without flying, we started by travelling by train from London to Moscow. Firstly, we took the Eurostar from London St Pancras to Brussels. Then the ICE train to Cologne. Afterwards, we took an overnight train to Warsaw where we changed to take a second overnight train to Moscow. Quite an adventure. We did stop off along the way too so you’ll also find plenty of city guides and tips in this section. Head over and take a look.

Around the world without flying London to Moscow by train
The first leg of our trip around the world without flying London to Moscow by Train

Travelling by Train in China

Planning a trip to China The train at Beijing Main Railway Station
The train at Beijing Main Railway Station

Travelling by train is a great way to explore China. Choose between the high-speed daytime intercity trains or enjoy the experience of taking an overnight sleeper. Get my tips and information on buying tickets and travelling by train in China here. Plus tips on taking the train to see the Great Wall of China for a fabulous and cheap day out.

Read all about our experience of travelling from Beijing to Xian by train in this article.

Train Trips in Japan

Japanese Shinkansen or Bullet Train
Japanese Shinkansen or Bullet Train

I don’t think anywhere in the world is quite as famous for its train network as Japan. It’s a real joy travelling around Japan by train. Fast, comfortable and efficient, its the perfect way to travel from city to city and you’ll be surprised how many places in Japan are easily accessible by train. If you’re planning a trip to Japan then take a look at this article which will tell you all about travelling by train. I cover whether to use the Japan Rail Pass as well as details of different types of trains and classes. We did trips all over Japan by train, including Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Tokyo, Yokohama and Kamakura. Check out my detailed accounts of these trip by clicking on the image links at the bottom of the Japanese trip planning page.

Across India by Train

Our train from CST station in Mumbai
Our train from CST station in Mumbai

What better way to explore a country as large and diverse as India than by train. We spent two weeks travelling across the North of India and then down to Mumbai and used a combination of mainly overnight sleeper trains and some daytime trains to get around. Travel the way the locals do and you’ll get some fabulous travel experiences. Read all out about our amazing train trip across India here.

See all our articles about travelling by train in the image gallery below.

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Come and join us at 6 o’clock train as we travel around the world. Plan your own trips and get the most out of travelling with our expert tips and advice. 

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