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Pa Sak River
Pa Sak River

Our overland tour of Thailand and Malaysia by road, train and sea

We spent 4 weeks touring Thailand and Malaysia on an overland trip using trains, buses and ferries. Our trip began and ended in the Thai capital of Bangkok and included the northern city of Chiang Mai before heading south to Penang in Malaysia. We also visited several beautiful Thai islands as well as Malaysia’s fabulous Langkawi.

So here is the overview of our trip. Of course, as you can see, you can fit a lot into a 30-day trip. However, you don’t want to feel exhausted at the end of your holiday. So I think it’s important to get a balance between sightseeing, travelling and relaxing. We started our trip with a few cities and also a lot of historical touring which was fabulous. Afterwards, we slowed the pace a bit with some island hopping and some relaxation on the beach and by the pool.

Kanchanaburi to Ayutthaya by public bus
Kanchanaburi to Ayutthaya by public bus

Trip Overview

Day 1: Firstly, a flight to Bangkok. So we left London Heathrow on the first day for an overnight flight.

Day 2: Then we arrived in Bangkok late afternoon. We stayed overnight at a central hotel for a relaxed start.

Days 3-5: Then we took a morning train to Kanchanaburi for a 3-night stay and time to explore the famous River Kwai area.

Days 6-7: Bus to the historical centre of Ayutthaya where we then stayed for 2 nights.

Day 8: Another day for sightseeing in Ayutthaya before taking the overnight train to Chiang Mai.

Days 9-10: We also stayed 2 nights in Chiang Mai.

Day 11: Firstly, all day in Chiang Mai. Then taking the overnight train back to Bangkok.

Day 12: Time for some sightseeing and shopping in Bangkok before another overnight train to Malaysia.

Day 13: We then crossed the border and made our way to the island of Penang.

Days 14-16: Sightseeing in Penang. Exploring Georgetown and beyond.

Days 17-19: Ferry to the island of Langkawi for 3 nights.

Days 20-21: Back into Thailand and on the ferry to Koh Lipe. Stay for 2 nights.

Days 22-24: Ferry to Koh Lanta where we also stayed for 3 nights.

Days 25-28: The final ferry journey to Phuket for a 3-night stay.

Day 29: Return to Bangkok to stay overnight before our flight home.

Day 30: Flight back to London.

Arriving at Chiang Mai Railway Station
Arriving at Chiang Mai Railway Station

Index of posts for our trip to Thailand and Malaysia

Things to do in Kanchanaburi Thailand Floating Restaurant near the bridge
Floating Restaurant near the River Kwai bridge

I have written detailed accounts of the various stops on our trip already so I will not repeat that information here. Instead, I’ll provide links here to all the existing posts which give information on aspects of our tour of Thailand and Malaysia.

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Wat Phra Si Sanphet
Wat Phra Si Sanphet