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Plan your next adventure with our detailed travel itinerary
Plan your next adventure with our detailed travel itinerary

Use our day-by-day travel itineraries to plan your next trip

In this section, you’ll find every detailed travel itinerary from our travel planning resources. Use them on their own or together with our full destination planning guides. Each travel plan provides a day-by-day schedule for your trip with links to more detailed resources.

Where can you go?

Tour Italy by train

This travel itinerary gives you a day-to-day schedule for touring Italy by train. It includes details of which trains to catch, days for sightseeing as well as travel advice & tips.

Tour Italy by Train

Drive the Balkans

Fancy a road trip. Use this day-to-day travel schedule to plan a driving tour of the Balkans. As well as a detailed daily plan it offers tips on driving in Europe and advice on sightseeing options.

Detailed Balkan Travel Itinerary

Road Trip to Spain

Get out and about in Spain with this road trip itinerary. This detailed day by day schedule takes you from Santander in Northern Spain through historic towns and cities into amazing Andalucia.

Spanish Road Trip Day by Day Itinerary

Planning Guides

Go beyond the detailed travel itinerary. Take a look at our travel planning guides for your chosen destination. Each pack takes you through the planning process, providing tips and advice on every aspect of your trip. Work your way through the planning guides to get all the information you need to plan a fabulous trip.


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