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My Bucket List Travel Ideas

Walking on the Great Wall of China
Walking on the Great Wall of China

Everyone has a bucket list, right? Of course, mine is a bucket list of travel ideas. The world is so big and there are so many places I haven’t been to yet. I wouldn’t want to forget about any of the great places I still need to see so I decided to write a list. Unfortunately, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger because however many wonderful places I visit I always find out about somewhere else I need to go.

Places on my bucket list that I’ve been to

I’ve been very lucky and have managed to tick off quite a lot of places that were on my bucket list. I wrote down a list of all the countries Paul and I have been to and it’s 65 different countries. Of course, I know they’ll be people who’ve been to more but I’m rather pleased with that. I think it makes us reasonably well-travelled!


Amber Fort in Jaipur
Amber Fort in Jaipur

This year, we travelled to India for the first time. Visiting India was at the top of my bucket list of travel ideas so it was really amazing to finally see it for myself. It’s a really exotic place, full of fabulous sights, sounds and people. At times it can be quite overwhelming but it’s an amazing experience and somewhere I’ll never forget. Of course, we didn’t see all of this vast country so I’ll keep India on my bucket list for now. If you’d like to find out more about our trip to India then click on the image below.

Read all about our trip to India


Bucket List Travel Ideas The Great Ocean Road from Melbourne to Adelaide
The Great Ocean Road from Melbourne to Adelaide

We’ve actually been to Australis twice now so it’s definitely been ticked off the list. We sailed into Melbourne on Princess Cruises’ ship, Diamond Princess, and disembarked a few days later in Sydney. A couple of years ago Paul and returned to Australia on a flight to Sydney. We took the train to Melbourne and then picked up a hire car and drove right through the Red Centre from Adelaide to Darwin. It’s a long way but it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I’m going to be writing about this trip on the blog very soon.


Gardens near the Shaanxi History Museum
Gardens near the Shaanxi History Museum

I’ve always wanted to visit China. It always looks so exotic and fascinating and so full of history. So I was very excited when Paul suggested we make it part of our around the world trip. On that trip, we visited Beijing, Xian, Nanjing and Shanghai as we travelled across China by train. Travelling by train is the ideal way to get around China as you see so much during your journey through the countryside.



Bucket List Travel Ideas Sunset over Maui Hawaii
Bucket List Travel Ideas
Sunset over Maui Hawaii

We’ve been to the United States quite a lot over the years and it’s a great country with many diverse sights to see. However, Hawaii always seemed just a little bit too far away. Too remote to fit into a trip. So I was absolutely delighted when I realised that we could fit it into one of our travel itineraries. Hawaii consists of many islands and of course, we couldn’t see them all. We did visit Maui, Oahu and the Big Island though and they were fabulous.

Fabulous scenery along the coast of Oahu
Fabulous scenery along the coast of Oahu


Bucket List Travel Ideas Pompeii
Bucket List Travel Ideas

I thought I should include somewhere a bit closer to home. Actually I have lots of European places on my bucket list. Even some in the UK. Why is it that we tend to neglect the attractions in our own country so much? I know I do and I must change that. But I visited one of my long-time bucket list places when we toured Italy recently. As someone who loves history, I was thrilled to see Pompeii for myself. Such a tragic story but an absolutely amazing place. Roman life frozen in time! Click on the image below to read all about it.

Visit Amazing Pompeii

Bucket List Travel Ideas on my List to Visit

Well, that’s enough of me reminiscing about the places I’ve been. That’s what the rest of the blog is for. On this page, I want to share the places I’ve not made it to yet but would love to visit. Of course, since I’ve not visited yet, that means no photos. So here’s my list.


Definitely top of my bucket list destinations. Antarctica is the only continent neither Paul nor I have visited. Paul worries about the cold but I just know that the spectacular scenery will more than make up for it.


I have been to Scotland but only the west coast. It feels so wrong that I haven’t seen more of such a fabulous place. Especially when it’s so close to home. I’m planning a trip to Edinburgh at the moment so stay tuned for the details sometime next year.

Machu Picchu

We stopped briefly in Lima, Peru during our South American Cruise last year but we weren’t there long enough for a side trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu. Of course, this means I have to go back. The Incan ruins look absolutely spectacular in photographs and I need to see it up close for myself.

Stay overnight in an Ice Hotel

Not all my bucket list items are about places. Some are things I’d like to do but they’re all travel related. I would love to spend the night in an Ice Hotel. Preferably the original one in Sweden. I’ve been doing some research and I think you can get there by train so now I just need to persuade Paul that it won’t be too cold.

Take the train to the top of the Jungfrau

We’ve spent quite a bit of time in Switzerland and it’s a lovely country. We even got really close to the Jungfrau once when we stayed in Lauterbrunnen on one of our European road trips. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to take the train to the top of the mountain and it’s a journey I’m really keen to make.

Victoria Falls

Both Paul and I love natural attractions and we’d love to visit Victoria Falls which is on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. In fact, we very nearly booked this for next year as a combined trip with South Africa. In the end, we were thwarted by sky-high flight prices due to the Rugby tournament that is happening when we wanted to go. Victoria Falls and South Africa are definitely in my sights though.

Iguazu Falls

Ok, so waterfalls are a soft spot of mine but who doesn’t love watching that amazing spectacle of white water pounding down into the depths below. I’ve heard Iguazu Falls are absolutely amazing. Also if I get my planning right we can visit Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina while we’re there. Now, who can resist that?


I almost can’t believe that I’ve not been to Athens yet. I love history and Greece is an absolute gem of a place for ancient monuments as well as spectacular scenery. We’ve seen plenty of Greek Islands and even made it to Olympia on the mainland. However, we’ve never visited the Greek capital and centre of the ancient world, Athens. I want to sit on my hotel balcony, sipping a cold glass of wine and gazing across at the Acropolis as the sun sets. That’s the sort of thing that travel memories are made of.


Ever since I completed a course about World Archaeology as part of my undergraduate degree, I’ve been fascinated by this part of the world. It’s the cradle of civilisation and the art, literature and architecture are just mesmerizing. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy place for someone with a British passport to visit at the moment but hopefully, that will change in the future.


As you may have noticed I like anything historical or scenic and Jordan ticks both boxes very nicely. It’s been on my bucket list for a while now and I really must get around to planning it in soon. I want to float in the Dead Sea see the amazing Petra. I’m considering a small group tour for this one as I’d like to see as much as possible and get out and about to the more remote sights.


Oh to float in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. I’d like to do a road trip around Iceland and see all the waterfalls and volcanic landscape as well as visiting the lagoon and Iceland’s capital, Reykyavik. Of course, its famous volcano disrupted a lot of people’s travel plans a few years ago but that only made it more fascinating.


Now a bit of a confession first. I’m quite an avid gamer and I’m rather attached to my Playstation and oddly enough you get a lot of exotic locations in the games. So I often get inspired to travel when I’m playing. I’ve recently started playing some of the older Assassin’s Creed games which have been remastered for the PS4 and anyone who plays them will know that the third one is set in Istanbul. It reminded me that I’ve always wanted to go there. There’s something truly exotic about a city which stands in two continents.


I’m absolutely fascinated by this mountainous region of China and we’ve thought about visiting several times but it always seems to coincide with restrictions on travel. At some point, we really need to make the effort to go. By train of course, because you can travel to Tibet from central China aboard the highest train line in the world. Definitely a trip for the bucket list.

Walking Hadrian’s Wall

Another one a bit closer to home. I’ve seen Hadrian’s Wall, well part of it but only in passing. I’d really like to get a closer look and I’d love to walk along it. Paul and I are quite keen walkers although we’ve never done any long-distance walking like this and to be honest, it is a bit daunting. However, I do think it would be amazing fun.

Sri Lanka

As I’m sure you’ve realised by now, I love travelling overland when possible, especially by train. I’ve been planning a trip around Sri Lanka including the famous trip through the tea plantations by train. We have welcome several Sri Lankan cricket players to our local club over the last few years and that has really encouraged Paul to want to visit the country. It sounds like an amazing place.

The Silk Road

Finally, a true bucket-list journey. We really enjoyed our epic trip around the world without flying and we’ve been looking for another big trip idea. Following the Silk Road across Europe and into China sounds like a fabulous trip. Of course, the Silk Route isn’t a specific route but consists instead of various routes across from Europe to the Far East. This makes it even more exciting as a bucket list itinerary as we can adapt it to take in some amazing places along the way. Sadly, it’s not a cheap trip so we’ll be saving hard but it’s definitely somewhere in my future.

Where to next?

So that gives you a glimpse into my future travel aspirations. In reality, I’ve only shared a few of the top places on what is a very, very long list of places I want to visit. Every time it gets a bit shorter I discover new places to add to the list. I think that’s how it should be though. We should all dream to see more, do more and make the most of life. For me, that means travelling, seeing new places, experiencing a different way of life and gaining knowledge of the world beyond my own horizons. Join me on one of our social media channels and share your travel bucket lists and let me know what travelling means to you.

Bucket List Travel Ideas Kings Canyon On the Road to Darwin Australia
Bucket List Travel Ideas
Kings Canyon On the Road to Darwin Australia

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