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Travel from Barcelona to London by Train

Barcelona to London by Train

This is the final post on our trip around the world without flying. So all that remains now is to travel from Barcelona to London by Train. Should be simple, right? Of course, taking the train is the perfect way to make this trip. We started our trip by relaxing in the 1st class lounge at the train station waiting for the TGV to Paris. I don’t normally bother upgrading tickets as we’re comfortable in 2nd class but I got a really good deal. It was nice and cool in the lounge and you get free wifi, soft drinks and beer!

Barcelona to Paris

We sat upstairs for the train journey which is nicer than sitting lower down in my opinion. You get good views as you speed across the Spanish countryside and into France. I was quite surprised at how many stations we stopped at along the Spanish Coast before we started heading north though. Nevertheless, we arrived in Paris 6 1/2 hours later at around 11 pm at night after a pretty comfortable ride.

View from the Barcelona to Paris Train
View from the Barcelona to Paris Train

Paris to London

For convenience, we stayed overnight in a small hotel right next to the Gare de Lyon which was handy. It was a bit basic but it was clean and we weren’t there long. If we make this trip again I’ll look for somewhere better though.

Early the next morning we set out across Paris to the Gare du Nord to catch the Eurostar back to London. We’ve taken the Eurostar many times although mostly through Brussels. Once we were in the waiting lounge, we started to feel as though we were nearly home. A few short hours later we were back on UK soil and heading into St Pancras.

Gare Du Lyon Paris
Gare Du Lyon Paris

So, that’s it then – around the world without flying – mission complete. It was a fantastic trip and I can’t quite believe it’s over.

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It's easy to travel from Barcelona to London by Train and great value too. Speed through the Spanish countryside to Paris, then Eurostart to London. #BarcelonatoLondonbyTrain