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94 Motel

100 Mile House Accommodation 94 Mile Motel
100 Mile House Accommodation 94 Mile Motel

Why 94 Motel is a Top Choice for 100 Mile House Accommodation

So how did I end up looking for 100 Mile House Accommodation? To be honest it is a rather out of the way place. During our road trip around the Rockies, we needed somewhere to stay between Whistler and Jasper. Since our journey took us along Highways 97 and 24 I decided a little place called 100 Mile House was a good point to stop overnight. I suppose it would be possible to drive the entire way in one day but I think you need more time to really enjoy the amazing scenery.

As I searched through the available 100 Mile House Accommodation I realised that everywhere along this stretch of road is named after the road markers. That’s quite a clever way of doing it and it makes it easy to find places which are actually quite remote. I chose the 94 Motel which is located right near the junction of Highway 97 and 24. This was perfect for us as we were heading down Highway 24 in the morning.

94 Motel

100 Mile House Accommodation 94 Mile Motel
Fully Equipped Kitchen

Before we arrived at 94 Motel my expectations of 100 Mile Accommodation was pretty low. I hoped for something clean and safe and anything else was a bonus. However, I was in for a very pleasant surprise. 94 Motel is a really lovely place to stay. We were warmly greeted at reception by the lady who owns the 94 Motel and then shown to our room.

100 Mile Accommodation 94 Mile Motel
Clean Bathroom with Bath and Shower

I booked a double room with kitchen and two double beds. As you can see from the photos, it was very spacious and also very well equipped. We had a full kitchen including a full oven with grill, fridge freezer, coffee machine, toaster, kettle and all the utensils you need to cook full meals. I’m not that keen on cooking when on holiday but sometimes it’s just easier after a long day driving. Also, we’re both vegetarians now so it can be the easier option to cook for ourselves. If you do stay at the 94 Motel and you need a supermarket there are two in town, that’s 100 Mile House. Only one was open while we were there but we were able to get everything we needed.

Also available in the room was a large Flat Screen TV and free wifi, a great signal considering we are in the middle of nowhere here. It was all very modern and everything was in great condition and working perfectly. It really is a little gem of a place.

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If you’re going to be in 100 Mile House or are driving from Whistler to Jasper then do check out the 94 Motel. You can check availability on this link. They have RV parking also.

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Exploring the Rockies along Highways 97 and 24 then the 94 Mile Motel is and excellent choice for 100 Mile House Accommodation. #94Motel #100MileHouse